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Why use our confidential and secure delivery service

When you need secure and confidential couriers in the Gauteng province and surrounding provinces, there are several considerations that you may use to make a choice.  You want to look for a company with the experience and the equipment to do the job and also one that can handle the different tasks you require.  Here at STK & P Logistics, we are proud to offer a wide range of services that can help businesses in many professions deal with courier needs.

Secure and confidential

When you are in the legal or medical profession, you need secure courier services that take the items or paperwork where needed in the desired time frame.  But you also need to be certain that the service is entirely confidential and there is no chance that anyone but the recipient will have the chance to view the materials being transported.

With over a year in the courier industry, we have built up a system that ensures all legal and medical packages are moved between locations in the quickest and more secure matter.  While we are based in Johannesburg, we can cover the whole of the country and can work with tight deadlines for court cases or time sensitive medical cases.

Courier for all businesses

As well as specialist services for medical and legal businesses, we also offer comprehensive courier services for all types of business.  This includes transporting documents or items within tight deadlines and to locations around the country.  If you need a one-off service or require regular courier jobs, we can offer a no obligation quote to meet your needs.

Service we offer include:

12.1.       Same day delivery service

12.2.       Group deliveries

12.3.       Parcel to pallet escorted courier services

12.4.       Secure and confidential courier service for legal and medical professions

12.5.       High insurance cover included in price

12.6.       Proof of delivery in all cases

16.    Confidential package couriers in Johannesburg, Gauteng province

We have been established since 2012 and provide same day courier services all across the Gauteng province. Our company is African female owned and offers a friendly and professional service with one named contact. For your convenience, we also provide mobile communications in all of our vans to give you instant answers.

STK & P Logistics also handles the transportation of urgent and sensitive material such as diagnostic samples, bloods and much more. We have over a year experience in the trade and ensure that you get a high standard of service every time. Our services are available throughout Johannesburg, Gauteng province and the surrounding areas.